Now is the time to build for the future.

These last few weeks have been like scenes from a disaster movie. Most of us have never experienced anything like what we are experiencing right now.

In these extraordinary times, we really get to see what a company culture is all about. What leadership is all about. What people management is all about. Hopefully, the company culture is strong and inclusive, and leadership is build on trust – because now we are really going to need it.

Keeping employees safe, keeping the company afloat, keeping employees and customers updated and taken care of, really puts the company leadership to the test. A lot of company leaders are visible in media these days, giving good advice to others and sharing what they are doing. It’s good to share – because we don’t need to figure out everything on our own or invent everything for ourselves. Let’s keep sharing good practices and new ways of doing things.

At FotoWare we are finding new ways to communicate with each other. We continue building our pipeline, updating our web and above all; keep making great software. There will come a day when we are allowed to return to our normal life, and then we will be ready!

We need to be prepared for when this situation is over, and in order to do so we must do everything in our power to avoid furloughing employees.

This is a perfect time to check in with customers and hear how they are doing, without necessarily talking about sales. This is the perfect time to show that you care.

We are all affected by these extraordinary times. The most important thing to remember now is that this will be over at some point, and in the meantime, we must keep building momentum.

This is the perfect time to look ahead, to think long term and to build for the future.



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